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Musanga Cecropioides - 10 Seeds - Corkwood or Umbrella tree

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Musanga Cecropioides - Corkwood or Umbrella tree

10 Seeds

Native to tropical Africa, this quick growing tree is commonly known as the corkwood or umbrella tree and used to make floats and rafts in its natural habitat.

Reaching up to 30cm tall, this tree is evergreen with a white-yellow bark, trunk around 1m wide. The trunk is straight with some outgrowths. The crown is umbrella-shaped, with leaves arranged in a spiral. Leaves are around 30cm long and 10cm wide and highly attractive.

Flowers appear as a cluster or spike around 5cm long with lots of yellowish flowers around 1.5mm long.

The bark is very light and perfect for creating floating rafts from; it has also found use as a water source in some areas,
where stems are broken off to access the water within the tree.

Frost tender and should be kept above 10°C.