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Musa Velutina - 10 Seeds - Hardy Ornamental Pink Banana

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Musa Velutina 'Pink'

10 Seeds

They may look delicious, but these seedy fruits are for show only. Growing shorter than other varieties(usually about 6' tall), pink velvet produces ornamental flower stalks near the top of the trunk, starting in late summer.

After flowering, each stalk forms a cluster of attractive small, pink, velvet bananas, which peel themselves when ripe. Really cool!

An ornamental banana with bright pink, ornamental, hairy fruits, native to India and south ease Asia.

Growing to around 2 meters high,and around 1 to 1.5 in spread, this Banana species remains relatively small compared to other bananas.

Reported to be hardy down to -5°C, though temperatures below 0°C will kill back foliage which re-grows when temeratures increase.