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Moringa Oleifera - 10 Seeds - Drumstick / Miracle Tree

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Moringa Oleifera - Drumstick or Miracle Tree

10 Seeds

Moringa Oleifera, commonly known as the Drumstick Tree due to its long pendant seed pods, is a native to Indian and Arabian areas. It is a small, graceful, deciduous tree with sparse foliage growing up to 8 meters tall in ideal conditions, with pinnate leaves up to 90 cm long. Sweetly fragrant white flowers are produced through out the growing year in panicles, to around 15 cm long, followed by 90cm long seed pods.

Leaves are a good source of protein and Vitamins, as are the seed and flowers, and is widely cultivated as a food crop and for malnutrition relief in developing countries. Also has a history of medicinal use.

Enjoys a dry sandy soil, and is tolerant of poor soils,  fast growing and drought resistant.

Frost tender, keep above freezing.