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Sambucus Nigra - 50 Seeds - European Black Elderberry

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Sambucus Nigra
European Black Elderberry

50 Seeds

Sambucus Nigra is a large, deciduous shrub, becoming tree-like if trained into dominant trunks.

The leaves are pointed and sharp-toothed and 3-15cm long. The many white or creamy coloured flowers are produced from May to June. Fruit can be used raw, cooked or used in preserves and is sweet and juicy, this is the best flavoured of the North American elders.

But fruit must be ripe, unripe fruits are mildly poisonous.

The fruit is a glossy dark purple to black berry 3–5 mm diameter,  produced in drooping clusters in late autumn.

Grows to a height and spread of around 6 meters

The leaves, green fruits and stems of some (if not all) members of this genus (Sambucus) are poisonous. The fruit of this species has been known to cause stomach upsets to some people. Any toxin the fruit might contain is liable to be of very low toxicity and is destroyed when the fruit is cooked.

Fully hardy to -15°C and under.