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Plantago Major - 200 Seeds - Medicinal Broadleaf Plantain

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Plantago Major - Broadleaf Plantain

200 Seeds

Native across Europe and naturalised across the world, Plantago Major is a hardy perennial, reaching up to around 15-20cm tall. Its leaves are oval or spoon shaped, growing up to 30cm long and 10cm broad. Younger leaves are edible as a salad green, and older leaves can be cooked into stews. The leaves have also historically been used medicinally to combat fevers and insect stings.

Its flowers are inconspicuous, growing on a narrow stalk up to 40cm long that grows from the center of the plant, green-brown in colour, appearing from late spring to early autumn months. Each flower stalk can bear up to 20,000 seeds.

Hardy to -10°C.