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Artemisia Vulgare - 1000 Seeds - Common Mugwort

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Artemisia Vulgare - Common Mugwort

1000 Seeds

Reaching up to 120cm tall, this perennial herb is native across Europe, Asia and North America. Leaves can be up to 20cm long, dark green with a silvery, somewhat hairy underside. Stems often have a reddish-purple tinge. Flowers are pale yellow, and clustered into small panicles in summer months.

Traditionally used as a flavouring agent of grain ales, and has been used in cuisine in Asian countries as both an aromatic herb and a vegetable that can be stir fried.

Said to have a variety of medicinal uses that can treat issues from inflammation to fungal issues. Please see a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Fully hardy to -15°C and well under.