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Ammi Visnaga - 500 Seeds - Toothpickweed Medicinal Plant

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Ammi Visnaga - Toothpickweed

500 Seeds

Ammi Visnaga is an annual or biennial native to Europe North Africa and Asia, but is now widespread throughout the world. Foliage is finely disected into fine, feathery leaves each to around 20 cm. The flowers are produced in large umbels, of white flowers, often arranged geometrically.

It was traditionally used as a medicinal herb, cultivated by the ancient Egyptians, and was used to treat Kidney stones and athsma. A synthetic version of the chemical found in this plant is now used as an athsma drug.

Please consult a GP before using in a medical context.

Grows to a height of around 80 cm and a spread of around 30 - 45 cm.

Fully hardy to -15°CAmmi Visnaga - Toothpickweed