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Ligustrum Japonicum - 30 Seeds - Wax Leaved Privet / Japanese Privet

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Ligustrum Japonicum
Wax Leaved Privet / Japanese Privet

30 Seeds

Introduced from Japan in 1845, this small evergreen tree has become naturalised around the world, particularly in North America. Reaching up to around 5m tall at maturity, it has attractive broad leaves, around 10cm long and glossy dark green.

Flowers blossom from early summer through autumn, white with a four-lobed corolla and only around 5mm long. Blossoms appear on clusters reaching 15cm long.

Perfect for creating a natural screen in the garden, the fruits are also used in medicines used to treat bowel and heart problems. Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Enjoys full sun. Hardy down to -15°C.