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Leucanthemum Vulgare - 5000 Seeds - Ox-eye Daisy or Dog Daisy

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Leucanthemum Vulgare
(Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum)
Ox-eye Daisy or Dog Daisy

5000 Seeds

Commonly known as the ox-eye daisy or dog daisy, this perennial is native to Europe and found across temperate regions of Asia. It grows from an underground rhizome which will grow further Leucanthemums even when split into fragments.

Reaching up to 90cm tall and around 60cm in spread, the dark green leaves are spoon shaped and around 10cm long. Flowers are solitary, growing up to 5cm across, with white petals and a yellow floret.

Tends to form in clumps due to the underground rhizome.

The unopened flowerbuds can be marinated and used similarly to capers, and tastes somewhat of valerian.

Enjoys a well draining but moist soil, and full to partial sunlight.

Fully hardy.