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Leucadendron Xanthoconus - 10 Seeds - Sickleleaf Conebush

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Leucadendron Xanthoconus - Sickleleaf Conebush

10 Seeds

The Sickle Leaf conebush grows amongst the shrubland of the Cape Region, South Africa.

It is a medium sized, shrubby bush, arising from a single stem, its common name comes from the narrow, sickle-shaped leaves, covered in fine silvery hairs, often more conspicuous on immature plants.

It  has beautifully coloured, vibrant green and yellow inflorescences, followed by a tough woody cone.

In common with other Leucadendron species, the leaves surrounding the inflorescence may change colour at various times of the year, and often redden with age.

Grows to around 2 meters.

Hardy to around -5 to -8°C.