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Inula Helenium - 100 Seeds - Elfwort - Elfodock - Horse Heal

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Inula Helenium

100 Seeds

Commonly known as Elfwort, Elfodock, Horse-heal or Elecampagne, this Inula is native across Europe and Asia, from Spain to western China, and has become naturalised in North America.

Reaching a height of around 1.5m and about 1m in spread, it boasts yellow daisy-like flowers with brown eyes, around 8cm across. Blooms appear from midsummer to late autumn.

Lance-shaped leaves are toothed and alternate, dark green, reaching up to 30cm long and 12cm wide. Leaves are somewhat hairy on top and become almost white on the underside with hairs.

Particularly of note for its roots, which are used to flavour schnapps and used as a cooking ingredient, the Inula's roots are thick and many branching, with a bitter taste. Roots have also been used historically to treat multiple health concerns such as lung diseases, intestinal irritation, as a digestive and also an antiseptic.

The roots contain high levels of insulin and are unsuitable for diabetics to consume.

Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Enjoys part to full sun and a well draining soil.

Fully hardy to -15°C.