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Bidens Ferulifolia 'Gold Nuggets' - 50 Seeds

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Bidens Ferulifolia 'Gold Nuggets' - 50 Seeds

50 Seeds

A Mexico native, this short-lived perennial or annual can reach around 30cm in height, with somewha trailing stems that make it an ideal subject for handing baskets. Leaves are deeply lobed, giving them a fern or feather -like appearance.

The 'Gold Nugget' variety products semi-double flowering heads, with bright gold-yellow petals resembling a star, sometimes with a deeper orange center. Flowers appear from midsummer and persist through to the autumn months, drowning out the foliage for a bright splash of colour in the garden.

Greatly attractive to bees and butterflies!!

Drought resistant, requires full sun.

Semi hardy to around -5°C.