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Cucumis Melo v. 'Agrestis' - 10 Seeds - Wild Musk Melon

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Cucumis Melo v. 'Agrestis' - Wild Musk Melon

10 Seeds

Naturalised across the world, this annual climber can reach up to 1.5 tall (or long if left to grow along the ground). The thin, dainty stems are hairy, producing triangular to ovate shaped leaves that are also somewhat hairy, and small yellow flowers only around 1cm long.

Fruits are oval to round, up to 5cm long, yellow to light green in colour with deep green stripes similar to a watermelon. Fruits can be eaten raw when ripe, or cooked as a vegetable, with a somewhat bitter flavour. A winter melon, flowers develop from autumn onwards, for winter fruiting.

Frost tender, keep above freezing.