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Hovenia Dulcis - 10 Seeds - Japanese Raisin Tree

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Hovenia Dulcis - 10 Seeds - Japanese Raisin Tree

10 Seeds

Native across Asia from the Himalayas to China, Japan and Thailand, this deciduous tree typically reaches up to 10m tall (though can grow taller) with heart-shaped leaves and small white-green flowers in the summer, not particularly significant. The fruits themselves are inedible, small and woody, but as they mature the stalks on which the fruits are borne swell up and become edible.

The fruit stalks are sweet and fragrant, similar to raisins when dried and can be used similarly. Extracts of the seeds and leaves can also be used as a honey subsitute.

Has also been used medicinally in traditional Asian contexts to treat a variety of issues ranging from fever, gastro issues, and liver diseases. Please contact a GP before using medicinally.

Hardy to -15°C.