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Coffea Arabica - 10 Seeds - 'Borbon' Coffee Bean Plant

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Coffea Arabica 'Borbon' - Coffee Bean Plant

10 Seeds

Grow Your Own Coffee!

'Coffea Arabica' coffee plant is originally native to the Arabian areas where it was the first cultivated coffee, and has been  grown there for over 1000 years, and worldwide in cultivation, and is an important cash crop in developing countries. Typically has less caffeine than other varieties and is said to produce the highest quality coffee beans.

Given ideal conditions, these shrubs can reach over 10m in height. with dark green, glossy, leaves to around 10 cm long. Berries appear and turn from unripe green, to red and purple, and contain 2 seeds, which are dried and roasted to make coffee beans.

Germination can be slow and difficult, CONSISTENT conditions must be maintained.

Can tolerate low temperatures but be wary of frosts.