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Stenocereus Griseus - 10 Seeds - Dagger Cactus / Pitaya De Mayo

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Stenocereus Griseus - Dagger Cactus / Pitaya De Mayo

10 Seeds

Native to Mexico and across the northern coasts of South America, this columnar cactus can reach up to 9m tall, with trunks up to 12cm in diameter. The stem of the cactus is sometimes branching at the base, attractive mid-green in colour, with up to 10 ribs on each stem. Clusters of white spines grow along the ribs, up to 1cm long.

Flowers grow around the apex of the cactus, trumpet shaped, up to 10cm long with pink-purple to brown scales covering the outside of the flower, and the petals white. Blossoms appear during the spring, opening at night and lasting until midday. Fruits are spherical, around 5cm in diameter, with a spiny exterior when immature, the pulp red to white in colour. The fruits are edible and made into juices or roasted.

Frost tender, but hardy to 0°C for short periods of time if kept dry.