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Nymphoides Indica - 20 Seeds - Water Snowflake

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Nymphoides Indica - Water Snowflake

20 Seeds

Found in tropical areas worldwide, Nymphoides is a semi-aquatic plant that spreads via rhizomes. It has clusters of leaves that are simple and heart-shaped, reaching up to 20cm across, a beautiful mid green.

Flowers have uniquely frilly edges on their 5-6 petals, white in colour with a yellow center, raised on a short stalk. Blossoms only last a day but are produced in succession in the summer months.

Young leaves and stems, and flower buds, are edible and used as potherbs or added to curries.

Frost tender and should be kept above 5°C at all times. Nymphoides can be treated as an annual in areas that reach these low temperatures.