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Euphorbia Graniticola - 10 Seeds - African Succulent

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Euphorbia Graniticola

10 Seeds

Found in Mozambique, this unusual succulent can reach up to 2.5m tall  with deeply ribbed segments and white margins. Sharp spines grow along the margins, up to 1cm long and stiff, white to brown in colour.

The trunk is greyish, up to 12cm thick, at first branching from the base and then forming a multi-branching crown on each stem. Stems have 4-6 ribs, tapering somewhat toward the tip, mid green in colour.

Flowers appear from late summer through the autumn months, yellow-green in colour, only around 3-4cm across, growing along the margins at the tips of stems.

Please note that all parts of the Euphorbia are poisonous if ingested - keep away from pets and small children that may nibble!

Minimum temperature 5°C.