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Ficus Benghalensis - 50 Seeds - Banran Fig / Ficus Audrey

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Ficus Benghalensis - Banran Fig / Ficus Audrey

50 Seeds

Native to the Indian Subcontinent, this Ficus is the largest known species of tree in terms of canopy cover, the largest specimen covering over 19,000 square metres!

In the wild it typically begins life growing on other trees and slowly enveloping them, producing aerial roots that grow downward and eventually become woody trunks. They can reach up to 30m tall and continue spreading laterally to cover very wide areas. Leaves grow up to 40cm long, deep green and leathery, ovate with obvious lateral veins. Fruits are bright red, 1-2cm in diameter, edible but only eaten in times of famine.

Requires consistent bright light. Frost tender, keep above 5°C.