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Ugni Molinae - 10 Seeds - Chilean Guava / Strawberry Myrtle

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Ugni Molinae - Chilean Guava / Strawberry Myrtle

10 Seeds

A native to Chile, this evergreen shrub can reach up to 1.5m tall, producing small red berries that taste like wild strawberries.

Leaves are around 2cm long, broad and dark green, somewhat glossy, and turn red in colour as autumn progresses. Flowers are small, around 1cm in diameter, nodding or drooping where they hang, with pale white or pink petals, bell shaped. The fruits that follow are bright red, almost 2cm in diameter.

Fruits will ripen from September to October, though have been noted to ripen earlier in drier climates. Fruits can be eaten raw, but is also used to make jams and cakes with. THe leaves can be used as a tea substitute, and roasted seeds of the plant can be used as a coffee substitute.

Semi hardy down to -5°C.