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Polygala Myrtifolia - 10 Seeds - September Bush / Myrtle-leaf Milkwort

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Polygala Myrtifolia - September Bush / Myrtle-leaf Milkwort

10 Seeds

Native to South Africa where it grows habitually on rocky slopes and scrubland, Polygala Myrtifolia can be grown as a shrub around 2m tall, or as a small tree of up to around 4m tall.

Many-branched and evergreen, stems are upright and slender, densely covered in small leaves around 5cm long, oval shaped and dark green to grey in colour. Flowers are arranged in racemes at the end of branches, white-purple in colour, pea-flower shaped, though Polygala flowers have a fringed keel at the front of the petals rather than the back.

Frost tender, keep above 5°C.