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Tabebuia Rosea 'Pink' - 25 Seeds - Pink Poui / Rosy Trumpet Tree

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Tabebuia Rosea 'Pink' - Pink Poui / Rosy Trumpet Tree

25 Seeds

The national tree of El Salvadore and found widely across southern Central America and northern South America, this tree can reach up to 30m tall with a trunk 1m in diameter.

Branches spread to make a wide crown, mostly bare, with compound leaves growing toward the   tip in compounds of five leaflets. Leaflets are of varying size, and can reach up to 35cm long, elliptic in shape.

Flowers appear during the winter months but have been noted to blossom at other times of year, typically associated with drier periods. Flowers are large, growing in panicles at the terminal of branches, around 21cm long, wonderfully pink and somewhat sweet scented. Highly attractive with the native bird population!

Traditionally used medicinally to treat problems from fevers to malaria. Please contact a GP before using medicinally.

Frost tender to around 0°C, it is intolerant of hard freezes.