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Bright and Spicy Salad Mix - 1000 Seeds - A good mixture of Brassica

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Bright and Spicy Salad Mix

1000  Seeds

A good mixture of Brassica seeds including Pak Choi, Mustard and Tatsoi.

Well known and loved leafy vegetables, these varieties of Brassicas produce distinct tasting leaves, perfect for adding to a salad or eating as-is. Plants should reach up to 30cm tall and begin producing edible leaves in around 40-50 days.

Pak Choi produce plump stems with broad leaves, while Tatsoi grows spoon-shaped leaves with a sharper, mustard-like flavour. Mizuna Mustard leaves are milder in taste than other varieties, and red-leaved Mustard varieties add colour and some spice to any dish. For milder flavours, pick leaves at around 20-30 days while they are still small.