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Anthriscus Cerefolium - 1500 Seeds - Curled Chervil Culinary Herb

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Anthriscus Cerefolium - Curled Chervil

1500 Seeds

Better known as French parsley or garden chervil to distinguish it from other similar herbs, this plant is native to the Causcaus but naturalised across Europe.

An annual reaching up to around 70cm tall, it has sometimes curly, tripinnate leaves that can be eaten raw or added to soups or stews for additional seasoning. The leaves taste faintly of liquorice or aniseed and are one of the herbs used to create 'fines herbes', a mainstay of French cuisine.

Flowers appear as small umbells, around 3-5cm across, with small white petals that appear from late spring through the summer months.

Enjoys full shade during summer months, and regular watering.