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Acanthus Mollis - 10 Seeds - Bear's Breeches or Oyster Plant

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Acanthus Mollis
Bear's Breeches or the Oyster Plant

10 Seeds

Commonly known as Bear's Breeches or the oyster plant for the shape of its flowers, and native to southern Europe, this showy plant reaches up to around 2m in height and spread.

Leaves are a shiny, dark green colour, and can reach up to 1m long each, forming in  basal clusters and deeply lobed. Inflorescences are borne on spikes reaching up to  40cm tall, sometimes taller, producing up to 100 flowers on a single stalk.

Flowers are around 5cm long each, surrounded by purple bracts; the petals are purple on top and white below, sometimes with purple-ish veins. Flowers appear from late summer through to autumn.

Fully hardy down to -15°C, but younger plants will need protection in winter months.