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Aloe Barberae (Aloidendron) - 10 Seeds - Giant Tree Aloe

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Better known as the 'Tree Aloe', this succulent tree is native to eastern regions of southern Africa, and Africa's largest aloe.

Reaching up to 15m tall and around 4.5m around the trunk at maturity, this slow growing tree has beautiful grey smooth bark which forks to form a rounded crown. Leaves are lance shaped and recurved, dark green and pointing toward the stem of the tree, with a toothed margin. Leaves can reach up to around 90cm in length.

Inflorescences grow as upright spikes, with salmon-pink tube-shaped flowers. The flower spike can reach up to 60cm long, and are typically divided into 2 or 3 side branches. Individual flowers are around 3-4cm long, with green tips. Blooms appear during the winter months (May to July in its natural habitat).

Enjoys a well draining soil and full sunlight.

Frost tender to about -1°C, it can tolerate temperatures to -5°C for short periods of time.