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Calathea Crotalifera - 5 Seeds - Rattlesnake Ginger

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Calathea Crotalifera - Rattlesnake Ginger

5 Seeds

A native to Central and South America, this member of the ginger family is known as the Rattlesnake Plant or Rattlesnake Ginger due to the shape of its inflorescence.

Reaching up to 3m tall, with ovate leaves up to 50cm long, are a glossy dark green, with paler green undersides. They grow on long stems from the underground rhizome.

The showy infloresence is shaped like a rattlesnake's tail, a yellow-green leathery bract around 25cm long.

Small yellow flowers around 2cm long show from the edges of the bract. Infloresences grow from a stem around 30cm long.

Enjoys partial sunlight and a well draining and rich soil mixture. Prefers to be kept moist, but not waterlogged.

Frost tender to around 5°C.