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Anacampseros Arachnoides - 15 Seeds - South Africa Rosette Succulent

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Anacampseros Arachnoides - South Africa Rosette Succulent

15 Seeds

Native to the Little Karoo region of South Africa, this Anacampseros can also be found in the Eastern Cape province, and to the southern edge of the Great Karoo area.

A small succulent, it can reach up to 10cm tall with clusters of broad, hairy, fleshy leaves that end in a point. Leaves are densely arranged in a rosette shape that lengthens with age to become more of a mat. Leaves range from greenish-red to brown in colour, and are around 2cm long and 1.5cm thick.

This succulent grows erect stems around 5cm tall which the flowers blossom from. Flowers are five-petaled, around 2.5 in diameter, pink to white in colour, and  only open in the sun for a few hours. Seeds are distributed by wind.

Enjoys a well draining soil and full sun.

Frost tender down to around -1°C.