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Matucana Madisoniorum (Submatucana) - 15 Seeds - Peru Cactus Cacti

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Matucana Madisoniorum (Submatucana)

15 Seeds

A native to Peru, this Matucana cactus was discovered in the early 1960s.

A small, globular cactus, the barrel can reach up to 15cm tall and around 10cm in diameter. Its skin is grey-green and roughly textured, with the apex of the barrel more than any other part of the plant lightly ribbed. Plants may have a variable amount of spines, ranging from entirely naked to covered in spikes! Plants at a lower altitude have been noted to lose their spines around maturity, but this is not set in stone and some cacti may retain theirs.

Spines that do appear are lightly cursed, typically between 1-5 spines from the areole, with no central spine to cluster around.

Flowers are produced year-round given the right conditions and form at the apex. They begin as small furry balls which grows into a furry stem around 7-8cm long. Flowers are an attractively bright orange-red colour, arond 4cm in diameter and around 10cm long, more of a fountain shape than the traditional tubular flower of a cactus.

Requires strong indirect sunlight to thrive and a rich, well draining soil to thrive. This cactus should be kept dry from March to October, its dormant months, and watered only when the soil is completely dry.

Frost tender, they should not be kept below 10°C.