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Echinocereus Chloranthus (Viridiflorus) - 15 Seeds - Hedgehog Cactus Cacti

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Echinocereus Chloranthus
(Echinocereus viridiflorus subs. chloranthus)

15 Seeds

Commonly known as the Hedgehog Cactus, this Echinocereus is native to southern North America and Mexico.

A branching cactus, it can reach up to around 15cm tall, with brown and white spines along the trunk. The stem is around 8cm in diameter, usually with between 10-20 ribs which are hidden under the spines. Spines near the head of the stem are typically covered with short white wool, though the rest of the cactus is clean of this wool. Central spines can reach up to 2cm long, and are typically surrounded by 15 or more radial spines a little shorter.

Flowers are produced during early spring onwards and are in bloom for up 15-30 days. Flowers are funnel shaped and green, maturing to a beautiful brown-red with a yellow eye and throat. Multiple flowers are not uncommon on this Echinocereus due to its branching nature.

Enjoys a rich and well draining soil, and should be watered sparingly during spring months and kept dry in winter. Requires bright light but to be kept in filtered sunlight or afternoon shade.

Hardy to -10°C for short periods of time if dry.