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Argyroderma Testiculare - 15 Seeds - Mesembryanthemum Succulent

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Argyroderma Testiculare

15 Seeds

Known as a living stone for its pebble-like appearance, this succulent plant is native to the Western Cape of South Africa. A dwarf compact succulent, single leaf-pairs are rounded, around 4mm long and 3mm wide, separated by a gap of up to 1cm in the centre. New leaf-pairs and blooms will emerge from this gap.

Single flowers are highly variable in colour, ranging from a deep purple to white or yellow, with a yellow eye and shorter inner petals. Blooms tend to appear during April onwards, the winter season of the natural habitat, although can occur later in cultivation.

Enjoys areas of bright indirect sunlight, and a well-draining soil mixture, although watering during winter can be cut back drastically.

Frost tender, it should be kept above 10°C at all times.