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Firmiana Simplex - 10 Seeds - Chinese Parasol Tree

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Firmiana Simplex - Chinese Parasol Tree

10 Seeds

Native to East Asia, particularly China and Japan, the Chinese parasol tree is a pretty ornamental tree with highly fragrant flowers and enjoyed for its foliage and wide variety of uses.

Reaching up to 15m tall and around 10m in spread when mature, this tree has smooth greenish bark and dark green leaves with up to 7 lobes on each. Leaves reach around 40cm long and turn a golden yellow in autumn.

Flowers are a yellow-green, blooming in the summer months, around 10cm long and star shaped. Notable for their scent, the flowers have a lemon-like smell, and hang in panicles at the end of growing branches.

The seed is noted to be used medicinally, with anti-inflammatory and anti-cough properties, and the leaves have been used historically in salves and lotions to treat haemorrhoids and other sores.

Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Enjoys full sun and a well draining, moist soil.

Half hardy down to around -5°C.