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Deschampsia Cespitosa - 2000 Seeds - Tufted Hairgrass / Tussock Grass

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Deschampsia Cespitosa
Tufted Hairgrass / Tussock Grass

2000 Seeds

Commonly known as tufted hairgrass, hassock grass or tussock grass, this evergreen ornamental is a true grass. Native to Eurasia, it has spread to the Americas and Australia.

Reaching up to 2m tall, these clumping grasses have leaves of around 60cm long with tufts of flowers reaching around 45cm long typically. In large clumps, they look spectacular swaying in even light breezes.

Flowers are highly variable in colour, ranging from golds and silvers to purples and greens. Blooms appear in the summer months, and seed heads will remain attractive into winter.

Enjoys full to part sun, in a well draining soil.

Fully hardy.