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Cactus Mix - 100 Seeds - A Good Assortment Of Species and Forms

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Cactus Mixture
100 Seeds

Cacti are spiny-stemmed succulents that grow in all shapes and sizes around the world. Best known for their drought resistance due to the species that inhabit deserts, sizes can range from as small as 1cm in diameter to an astounding 19m tall.

Cactus plants can be tall and treelike with their stems, or small and rounded, most of which are succulent and store water. Most cacti are covered in spines, which can be long and hard or more woolly in appearance.

Their flowers are usually striking and brightly coloured, ranging from yellows to pinks to whites and more. Cactus flowers are all fairly similar in shape, growing from a fleshy ‘tube’ and culminating in a many-petalled, single rosettes, though most cacti bear multiple flowers.

Most cacti prefer full sun and a very well draining soil,as well as low humidity and occasional misting. Watering can be reduced drastically during the winter months, when many species go dormant.

Although some species can take  cooler conditions if kept dry, consider them frost tender to around 10°C!