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Huernia Transvaalensis - 5 Seeds - Asclepiad Stapelia Succulent

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Huernia Transvaalensis  - Asclepiad Succulent

5 Seeds

A native to South Africa, this member of the carrion flower family has striking flowers and is known as ‘Owl Eyes’ and the ‘Lifebuoy Plant’ due to the way it looks like open owl eyes, or the appearance of a life ring!

Like other stapeliads, it has four or five-angled columnar stems growing to approximately 4 or 6cm long. The stems are a green-grey colour and angled with soft teeth.

The flowers are blotchy, with yellow cream and purple patches with a raised centre giving it the ‘lifebuoy’ name. Flowers are five-pointed and up to 5cm in diameter, with a lightly hairy center. Like other stapeliads, the flower smells slightly of rotting meat to attract flies, which pollinate the plant.

Enjoys a well draining soil and light shade. A most unusual Asclepiad, easy to grow, but don’t overwater and keep on the dryer side in winter.

Minimum Temperature around 5°C.