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Heliconia Griggsiana Seeds - Tropical WOW flowers! Banana foliage!

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Heliconia Griggsiana

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Heliconia Griggsiana is a large Heliconia native to South America with pendulous unusual flowers consisting of deep red and blue-gray bracts.

Can flower from 12 months old, but its second or third year is more common, but the plant should be kept warm enough during winter to prevent the top growth dying back to the rhizomes.

In ideal conditions, mature plants can produce up to 30 Inflorescences per year

Grows to a height of around, Height 3 - 10 m

Heliconia Griggsiana seems to be tolerant to cooler weather and grow well in Subtropical conditions,
dying back to the rhizomes in winter colder conditions.

Minimum winter temperatures 4°C to -5°C, but prefers temperatures at around 25°C year round.