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Hechtia - Dyckia - Deuterocohnia Mixture - 50 Seeds - Mexican Bromeliad

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Hechtia - Dyckia - Deuterocohnia
Various Species Mixture

50 Seeds

A group of bromeliads native to the central and south Americas, Hechtias, Dyckias and Deuterocohnias share similarly shaped spiked leaves and tendency to clump.

Deuterocohnias tend to have smaller rosettes, but is drought tolerant and doesn’t store water, unlikes other bromelids. Tends to spread in its native habitat to form a mat. Flowers produced will be a similarly green colour, small and a cylindrical shape.

Dyckias    naturally clump together and are drought resistant fora short period of time, as they naturally grow on rocks in the wild. Leaves may be smooth or serrated, and they produce bright multiple flowers in the spring.

Hechtias are similarly drought tolerant and produce leaves from the central point of the rosette. They collect rainwater in the cups formed by the leaves, but do not store water within the leaves.

All species require similar moisture management, with frequent watering during spring to summer but reducing greatly in colder months, and all species preferring full light. Should be kept in a well-draining, partly sandy soil.

All species are half hardy down to -5°C for short periods of time.