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Hamamelis Vernalis - 10 Seeds - Ozark Witchhazel

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Hamamelis Vernalis - Ozark Witchhazel

10 Seeds

Commonly known as Ozark Witchhazel, this species of witchhazel is native to central North America, particularly the Ozark Plateau.

Reaching up to 4m in height and spread, this small tree has oval shaped leaves around 10cm long, shallowly toothed and clearly veined, slightly hairy on the underside.

The flowers range from bright red to yellow in colour, with single flowers bearing 4-5 ribbon-like petals around 1cm long, growing in clusters. Blooms appear from midwinter onwards, and are very fragrant.

Enjoys a well draining and moist soil, as well as full to part sun.

Hardy down to -10°C.