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Gloxinia Violacea - 3 Ready to grow Bulb

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Gloxinia Violacea
Ready to grow Bulbs

Native to South to Central America, the Gloxinia was first introduced to Europe in 1817 and now persists as a common house plant.

The Violacea species displays beautiful single blooming dark purple flowers, appearing almost black in the center. Reaching up to about 20cm tall when fully grown,flowers appear from summer un til late autumn.

Grows from part-shade tofull sun areas, and in moderate humidity.

Leaves will discolour if watered; take care to water from the bottom of the plant and avoid misting to increase humidity. Preferring a well-draining soil, Gloxinia plants enjoy regular watering.
Once the flowers appear, they will last for up to a week, and the plant will continually bloom for several weeks. Flowers themselves will reach up to 7cm long atop rosettes of large hairy leaves.

Frost tender, keep above 5°C, lift bulbs and store inside over winter.