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Gloxinia Kaiser Friedrich - 3 Ready to grow Bulbs

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Gloxinia Kaiser Friedrich
Ready to grow Bulbs

Native to South to Central America, the Gloxinia was first introduced to Europe in 1817 and now persists as a common house plant.

The Kaiser Friedrich cultivar boasts many stunning red, single blooming flowers with white trims with soft, velvet-like petals.

Reaching up to about 20cm tallwhen fully grown, flowers appear from summer until late autumn.

Grows from part-shade tofull sun areas, and in moderate humidity.

Leaves will discolour if watered; take care to water from the bottom of the plant and avoid misting to increase humidity.

Preferring a well-draining soil, Gloxinia plants enjoy regular watering.

Once the flowers appear, they will last for up to a week, and the plant will continually bloom for several weeks. Flowers themselves will reach up to 7cm long atop rosettes of large hairy leaves.

Frost tender, keep above 5°C, lift bulbs and store inside over winter.