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Glandulicactus Crassihamatus - 10 Seeds - Fish-hook Cactus Cacti

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Glandulicactus Crassihamatus
Fishhook Cactus

10 Seeds

Known as the ‘fishhook cactus’ or ‘little barrels’ for the shape of their spines and trunks, this cactus is native to south-western USA and Mexico.

Trunks of the Glandulicactus can grow up to 10cm thick and around 15cm tall, a grey-green colour, with the trunk itself ribbed. Spines grow in clusters along the ribs, with around 10 spines at each cluster, growing up to 10cm long.

Flowers are a dark pink with a light yellow centre, funnel shaped, around 4cm long. Blooms during spring.

Requires well draining soil and strong, full sunlight.

Half hardy to -5°C in winter if dry.