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Gibbaeum Velutinum 'Pink' - 15 Seeds - Mesembryanthemum Succulent

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Gibbaeum Gibbaeum Velutinum 'Pink'
Shark Beak Plant - Mesembryanthemum Succulent

15  Seeds

A native to the Little Karoo region of South Africa, these succulents typically spread into carpets, with variable leaf shape and size.

Fleshy leaves tend to grow up to 5cm tall and up to 30cm wide, or wider. Stems are short and end in two pairs of old, drier leaves. The leaves of the ‘shark beak’ plant resemble the  mouth of a shark, with finger-shaped leaves growing in pairs, one ‘finger’ longer than the other and hooked at the end.

Flowers are pink, around 3cm in diameter, with a white centre. Blooms from late winter onwards.

Enjoys full sun and a well draining soil; occurs on a quartz base in its native habitat, so requires good drainage.

Frost tender to around 5°C.