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Gibbaeum Petrense - 15 Seeds - South African Mesembryanthemum Succulent

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Gibbaeum Petrense  - Mesembryanthemum Succulent

15 Seeds

A native to the Little Karoo region of South Africa, these succulents are similar in appearance to living stones, though the Gibbaeum spreads into large green carpets.

Reaching up to around 5cm tall, the leaves of this succulent are triangular, around 1.5cm long. New leaves grow from the central stem with every year, and over time they spread  outward into a mat of succulents.

Flowers are a pink-purple colour, around 2cm in diameter, blooming in spring, only one flower per plant.

Enjoys full sun and a well draining soil; occurs on a quartz base in its native habitat, so requires good drainage.

Frost tender to around 10°C.