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Viburnum Opulus - 25 Seeds - Guelder Rose / Snowball Tree

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Viburnum Opulus - Guelder Rose / Snowball Tree

25 Seeds

Native across Europe and the British Isles and naturalised in North America, the Guelder Rose is a pretty addition to any garden. Typically reaching up to around 5m tall, it has maple-like leaves, three-lobed and up to 10cm across, a deep green until the autumn months when they turn a beautiful deep red.

The flowers are white, around 10cm in diameter at their widest, and grow in corymbs at the top of stems. Each corymb has a ring of sterile flowers surrounding the fertile flowers within. The flowers are well scented and highly attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects.

Historically used medicinally to relieve muscle tightness, specifically menstrual cramps, and was known as 'cramp bark'. Please contact a GP before using medicinally.

Hardy down to around -5°C.