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Tanacetum Vulgare - 2500 Seeds - Tansy

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Tanacetum Vulgare - 2500 Seeds - Tansy

2500 Seeds

A native across Eurasia, this eye catching plant is notable for its bright yellow flowers, button-shaped and growing in umbels at the head of the stems. The stalks of the tansy can reach up to 1m tall, branching at the top, with deeply lobed leaves that look almost fernlike growing alternately. Both leaves and flowers have a strong scent, sometimes described as similar to camphor.

Though used historically for various medicinal purposes, it must be noted that this plant is toxic and should not be ingested in great quantities. Pregnant women should not consume any part of the plant, which may cause abortion. Handle with care, as it may cause contact dermatitis.

Highly attractive to bees and other insects!

Fully hardy to -20°C.