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Tropaeolum Majus Nanum - Peach Melba - 50 Seeds - Nasturtium

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Tropaeolum Majus Nanum
'Peach Melba'

50  Seeds

Known as the garden Nasturtium or Indian watercress, this native to South America is a common annual flower which is entirely edible.

Reaching up to 40cm tall with trailing stems that can reach up to 1m long, it has almost circular shaped leaves that can reach up to 15cm in diameter. Leaves are slightly hairy with veins spreading from the center to the margins.

The Peach Melba variety has gorgeous, delicately peach-orange/yellow coloured petals with darker orange spots on the inner throat. Blooms throughout the summer months.

All parts are edible - the flower tastes slightly peppery, and can be eaten raw or in stir fry.

Half hardy to around -5°C but should be protected from frosts.