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Hyacinthoides Non-scripta - 100 Seeds - European Bluebell

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Hyacinthoides Non-scripta - European Bluebell

100 Seeds

Native to western Europe, with an estimated 25-50% of all common bluebells growing in the British Isles, these flowers form bluebell 'carpets' in woodland areas. Plants reach up to 45cm tall, growing from bulbs, growing linear leaves from the base of the plant.

Inflorescences grow on a stem of up to 20cm tall, with the tip recurving toward the ground, with up to 30 small flowers arranged as a raceme on the step. Flowers are violet-blue and highly scented, very attractive to bees and butterflies. Flowers will die back for a summer dormancy, but bloom again the following summer.

The sap was once used as a glue to bind pages in books and arrow fletching. Please note all parts of the plant are toxic and should not be consumed.

Hardy down to around -10°C