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Ferocactus Wislizeni - 15 Seeds - Fishhook Candy Barrel Cactus

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Ferocactus Wislizeni
Fishhook Candy Barrel Cactus

15 Seeds

Also known as the Fishhook, Arizona, or Candy Barrel Cactus, this Ferocactus is native to northern Mexico. It gets its names from its ‘fishhook’ shaped spines, which make it dangerous to handle, and the fruit is used for candy and jellies in the Sonoran Desert.

Reaching up to a height of 2m tall and typically growing to around 80cm wide in diameter, this long-lived cactus is known to lean southward toward the equator and sun as it reaches maturity, sometimes even uprooting themselves in their natural habitat!

Spines can reach up to 8cm long on the pleated ribs of the cactus. Flowers appear during late spring to early autumn and are typically yellow or orange-yellow, with redder tips. Fruits are pineapple shaped and green when unripe, yellow when mature, reaching up to 5cm long. The fruit can remain on the cactus for as long as a year as they are naturally dry.

Fruits can be picked and eaten raw, or cooked, and tastes tart.

Enjoys well draining soils and full sun.
Drought tolerant and should be kept dry over winter months.

Frost tolerant to -15°C provided it is kept dry.