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Eucomis Bicolor - 3 Bulbs - Variegated Pineapple Lily

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Eucomis Bicolor - Variegated Pineapple Lily

3 Bulbs

The Pineapple Lily is a native to Southern Africa which forms large wavy leaves up to 60cm long, and produces a flowering stem 50cm or so tall in late summer. It has a maroon-speckled stem, bearing racemes of pale green, purple margined flowers with a terminal rosette of pale green leafy bracts with over a hundred small yellow green star shaped flowers with a leafy tuft on the top, giving it the appearance of a pineapple!

This is a bulb forming plant and will die back during the winter months, the bulb is fairly large and can grow to around 10cm in diameter.

Easy to grow and frost hardy to around -7C