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Eschscholzia Californica - Purple Gleam - 250 Seeds - Californian Poppy

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Eschscholzia Californica - Purple Gleam
Californian Poppy

250 Seeds

A native to the United States and Mexico and known as the Californian or Golden poppy, this showy perennial is the state flower of California and has edible leaves when cooked.

Reaching up to 50cm tall and 50cm in spread, the Eschsholzia is a fast grower. Leaves are long-stalked and biternate. Flowers bloom from July to September and reach up to 4cm wide in a roughly funnel shape. Blooms are a beautiful purple-violet colour.

Very attractive to bees!

Can be used medicinally as a pain reliever and anxiety relief, containing no sedatives like its cousin poppies.

Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Prefers well-draining soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil, though cannot grow in the shade.

Fully hardy down to -20°C and under.